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The  Richmond Chapter of NABCJ:

Joseph F. Lewis, then the Assistant Director of the Department of Corrections for the Commonwealth of Virginia, initiated the organization of the Richmond, Virginia Chapter of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (formerly the Virginia Chapter). After several meetings to discuss the merits of such an organization in Virginia, the eleven charter members unanimously agreed to contribute the money necessary for affiliation with NABCJ, and on July 29, 1977, a letter of intent was sent to NABCJ which subsequently welcomed the Richmond, Virginia Chapter. In February 1979, the chapter was incorporated with the State Corporation Commission as a non-profit organization.

The Richmond Chapter has been active since its inception in July 1977. After the Richmond Chapter began servicing the central regions of Virginia, Tidewater Chapter was chartered in March 1983. The Tidewater chapter provides community service for the seven cities in its jurisdiction (VA. Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton). The Northern Virginia Chapter received its charter in March 1987.

During the winter of 1985, in the damp and dimly lit basement of the basement of the Fairfax Correctional Unit in Fairfax, Virginia, the Northern Virginia Chapter ensued its humble beginnings. After several meetings, numerous fundraisers, various community activities and a commitment to excellence, the Northern Virginia chapter received its charter in September 1986. Through a dream and determination, the Western Virginia Chapter received its charter in 2000.

The four adult chapters fully support our educational institutions. We have the following student chapters: Old Dominion University (Chartered in 2002), Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia State University and Norfolk State University (Chartered in 2004) and Virginia Union University (Chartered in 2005).

The Virginia State Chapters of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice is committed to active community involvement, primarily in the area of prevention programs targeting ex-offender re-entry, disproportionate minority confinement, at-risk youth, crime prevention and partnering in education.

We believe in educating ourselves through annual conferences on the state level and national levels, monthly meetings within our individual chapters, and community forums with the public.

The Virginia State chapters believes in providing networking opportunities for Law Enforcement/Corrections/Jail personnel, Fire/Rescue personnel, Court/Probation & Parole personnel, Students/Parents/Community Activist and concerned citizens in an effort to create an equal and fairer criminal justice system.


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